Online small group bible study

Thank you for your interest in this short Bible study.  There are many just like you who have questions about God, the Bible, Jesus and life in general.

  • Bible Study Overview

    This Bible study is a modern guide to an ancient faith that will take you through the Gospel of Luke highlighting key themes and implications along the way.


    One of the reasons people sometimes avoid looking into Christianity is that there are so many Christianities on offer, each with their spin on things, their own rituals and practices, their own religious package.

    But just imagine if we were able to get beyond this—to strip back all the rituals, myths and dogma; to put to one side the hair-splitting and disagreements; to get beyond all the trappings of 'religion'—what would we find? If we were to go back to Jesus himself, to the biographies about him contained in the New Testament, what would we discover?

    That is the project of this book. It aims to present simply Christianity, by reading and reflecting upon the ancient biography of Jesus written by Luke.

  • Meeting Specifics

    This study will be conducted online.  You will need an electronic device that has the capability of handling video calls (a mic and video camera).  We will be using LifeSize (a similar program to Zoom), so you can meet from the comfort, convenience and safety of your own home.  After registering for the study, you will receive a link via email that will connect you to the LifeSize meeting.


    The study will meet for about an hour, once a week for 5 short weeks.  This is a revolving study, so there is always opportunity to join in.  Contact us for a start date that will work for you!  


    Our desire is for everyone be comfortable.  This is a casual study and people of all—or no religious backgrounds are welcome and will find benefit.  We look forward to meeting you!

  • Registration

    Click here to register and join others searching for answers.  Also, feel free to call us at 217.422.1033 about any other questions you may have.